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TeliaSonera to sell iPhone in the Nordic and Baltic markets 

Fuck yeah! Not that Telia are going to be the carrier, I’m not too fond of them, but I’m delighted that there are now official plans on the iPhone coming to Denmark.

List of Power Rangers Villains 

I love Wikipedia.

Manager sacked for being too successful 

Heart-wrenching story of the problems facing tiny English football club Lewes, struggling to make ends meet, and not be automatically relegated from the Conference Division.

Twitter refuse to uphold TOS 

This doesn’t look good for that small company.

I am obviously on Ariel’s side (although I don’t know anything about her), but I don’t like the sound of Flickr’s actions as well — that they ban accounts that might even very loosely be considered as harassment; that doesn’t sound like healthy practice either.

Debugging Django 

Permanent location of 'Debugging Django'

Great little guide by Simon Willison into the basics of Django debugging.

PHP sucks, but it doesn't matter 

Jeff Atwood:

The only conclusion I can draw is that building a compelling application is far more important than choice of language. While PHP wouldn’t be my choice, and if pressed, I might argue that it should never be the choice for any rational human being sitting in front of a computer, I can’t argue with the results.

Amen. I have argued that PHP’s main strength is its deployability, and I hold that stance. I still think it’s a crappy language.

The Trouble with EM 'n EN (and Other Shady Characters) 

I have no idea why I haven’t bookmarked this essential guide to dashes before, but here it is.

On Custom and Politeness

I love my local grocer. He’s a man probably in his late fifties, although his retainment of hair colour could indicate him being slightly younger. I believe he is of Pakistani heritage, although I have nothing to build that on; I have never talked to him about it, because it would seem quite odd to do so. And exactly where he is from is of less importance to what I want to say: the important fact is that he wasn’t born or raised in Denmark.

It is my guess that he came to Denmark some twenty years ago; he is somewhat able to engage in conversation, but not on a very high level and his pronunciation is quite bad; again, these things are only a little relevant for what I want to say: he’s not a master of the Danish language and of Danish lingual customs.

But he seems eager to learn. In Danish — as in many other languages — it is custom to reply to ‘tak’ (‘thank you’) with ‘selv tak’ (‘you’re welcome’). He has understood this but hasn’t really understood exactly when to use it. And this is where it gets interesting.

When I go there I often carry a bag with me, because I’m used to do shopping that way. However, the proud grocer he is, he often offers me a plastic bag. As I’m already carrying a bag, thus making it a waste for him to offer me one, I usually decline. (Save for the rare cases when I’m not carrying a bag, and where he seems to quite consequently not offer me a bag.) I do so in the proper manner in Danish, by saying ‘nej tak’ (‘no thank you’). To this he simply replies: ‘selv tak’.

Obviously, he has caught on to ‘selv tak’ being a proper response to ‘tak’, but he hasn’t noticed in which situations this doesn’t apply. But this is a lingual error in the sweet department. And, after all, it’s better to be polite once too many than once too few.

When Your Mom Forwards Email 

Sad but true. What’s up with that?


Permanent location of 'BlubML'

Incredible what two days can do. I’m somehow reminded of Benedick in Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, who changes his viewpoint on love in an instant.

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