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The Clash – The Guns of Brixton

When they kick at your front door, How are you going to come? With your hands on your head, Or on the trigger of your gun?

A Modest Proposal 

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Zeldman’s proposal is obviously a pipe dream, but a good one none the less.

Garfield Minus Garfield for 10 Sep 08 

I have no idea whether it affected in any way by Garfield’s presence, but this is definitely the most hilarious of the Garfield (and minus Garfield) strips I have ever seen.

Ian Hickson on HTML 5 

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Not that there’s anything weird in Hixie talking about HTML 5, but it’s always interesting to read such interviews with the masterminds behind it all.

HTML 5 to me really stands as the prime example of Postel’s law, maybe aside from The Universal Feed Parser. Can it really come as a surprise that Mark Pilgrim is involved in both?

A particular gem from the piece:

[Squaring different needs from browser vendors, authors, and users is] a very difficult balancing act. The users have to come first, with the Web authors a close second, but the problem is that if we ever specify something that the browser vendors disagree with, they will just ignore the specification, and we might as well go home. If we write a specification that is ignored, we’re just fiction writers.

(Via Simon Willison)

Native JSON in IE8 

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I bet John Resig‘s a happy man now.


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It’s generally hard to understand that frameworks, etc. don’t do something like this by default — or at least make it clear what doctype they are using per default. Great initiative by Simon.

Mike Lee on What's Ahead 

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Although I have never spoken to him, nor even used any piece of software he has written, I find Mike Lee to be a most charismatic person, and I certainly hope he succeeds with his venture.


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Very cute site, although I’m not too fond of the idea of this entire-site-in-images-with-no-alternative-text concept. Particularly the no-alternative-text part.

Inconsistencies in English Spelling 

Wonderful, charming film. I will resist the obvious pun, but it really is well done.

(Via Kottke)

Ulrik Laursen: Brøndby ikke København 

(This post is in Danish)

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Dette er bare så ubeskriveligt dumt at jeg slet ikke kan sætte ord på. (Selvom jeg forsøgt en del på bold.snak.)

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