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Merlin Mann's House Hacks 

Permanent location of 'Merlin Mann's House Hacks'

Why would you use a screwdriver?

Coudal's 1999 

Permanent location of 'Coudal's 1999'

Coudal Partners are celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and are having a contest: send an email. From 1999.

I would’ve liked to contest, but I find it would be rather anachronistic: in 1999, I was 10 years old, and at this point in time I had been taught English in school for some two months.

The 100 oldest .com domain names 

I learned some years ago that was the first ever domain name – I never understood why that name was chosen, though.

The first domain of a company I’d heard of was (And while all this internet, domain stuff is still considered very new, I find it worth noting that the last one from that list was registered one and a half year before I was born.)

(Via Rands).

Mark Pilgrim on Free Software Publishing 

A very thoughtful and philosophical post by Mark Pilgrim on the case of his Dive Into Python being published by someone other than Apress, and listed on Amazon.

This is a great post, because it really shows that Pilgrim isn’t afraid to take the consequence of his choices, and he demonstrates how this can be a superior way to publish books.

Great iTunes behaviour

I don’t know when they changed this, or if it was in fact part of iTunes DJ from the start, but I love this:

A screenshot of an iTunes window highlighting the track 'No-One But You' By Queen', and playing it at 0:32 into the song

Then choosing the ‘Play in iTunes DJ’ option from the right-click menu will start the number in iTunes DJ, at the same time in the track:

A screenshot of an iTunes window showing that its currently playing at 0:32 into the song

That is very clever.

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