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Spaces Test Suite for Web Typography 

How wide is a space character? Obviously the answer varies from font to font, and this resources lists some of the common fonts available on the web, with different space characters.

jQuery Masonry 

Permanent location of 'jQuery Masonry'

I’m not a big fan of JavaScript performing the tasks of CSS, but that doesn’t make the experiment less interesting.

(Via For a Beautiful Web.)

The Macalope's Deep Thought 

The Zune must really suck goat balls if it can’t compete against a device that costs $10,000.

There’s not any more to it, but that’s condensed wisdom right there.

Ivan Krstić joins Apple 

Krstić, formerly with [One Laptop per Child][olpc], has announced that he’s joining Apple. He doesn’t reveal anything about what he will be doing1, but he’s a bright mind, and I’m sure Apple have made a catch here.

  1. Knowing about his past, I’d venture a guess and say he’s going to be on their security team, but I have no other grounds than assumption to build this on. 

Multicolr Search Lab 

Permanent location of 'Multicolr Search Lab'

Search for Flickr images based on the colour of most of the image. Pretty clever.

For kicks, I found the search for the Simply Jonathan colour.

(Via Gensmann.)

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