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Plain Old Discrimination

So, Gruber says that Hulu is out of beta. Yay; for all its Conservatism, Fox does have some pretty good shows (The Simpsons; Prison Break; Futurama). It even has movies, too.

So I check out The Usual Suspects, just for kicks. But, as it turns out, Fox and NBC do not like Europeans. At least they do not trust their content to us. “Well”, I think, “maybe it’s only like this for the films — that would make some sense”. So I check out Prison Break. Nope, no luck.

Now, I know calling discrimination is overly simplified, as there are copyrights and what not. But still, this is supposed to be Fox and NBC’s own content, why can they not show it to us overseas? The Daily Show works just fine here. No, maybe not all of the advertising would hit its aimed recipients, but you never have that certainty. You can do as much viewer analysis as you want to, you will never get a guarantee. So please, show it to us. Maybe we will even like the ads.

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